w Yankee-Swap.net. The Official Rules for a Yankee Swap.

It's not the gift-it's figuring out how to keep it that counts!

What you can do at this website:

  • Download the Official rules for a Yankee Swap in PDF file format (no charge!)
    DOWNLOAD: right-click this link and choose "save target as..."

  • Order a bundle of documents that will help you plan and run a Yankee Swap event for your organization, including:
  • a guidebook, including the rules for the "Bird in Hand" version and a special one for small groups ("Play It Again, Sam.")
  • A Sample Invitation to a Yankee Swap.
  • A quick reference sheet and checklist for the swap coordinator.
  • A freely-distributable document with the Official Rules for a Yankee Swap.
  • Order (only $7.95)
  • Thirty percent (30%) of all income generated at this site is given to OxFam America. Everytime we receive $50, we send $15 to Oxfam to fight hunger. Please visit http://www.oxfamamerica.org.

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